You Need To Know About Pandora...

You need to know about Pandora because it rocks.

Created by the Music Genome Project, Pandora is streaming radio with a twist. Using the data generated by the Music Genome Project, Pandora will let you create customised music stations that play high quality recordings and adapt themselves to your musical tastes. The idea is to expose yourself to new music, see.

It’s really difficult to describe until you’ve tried it, so check it out. And if you need an invite, email me and I’ll hook you up. Maybe 😉

Pandora is in testing phase now and is therefore free for users who crack the nod. When it is launched though, it will cost in the region of $36 a year (peanuts). Obviously they have music royalties to cover.

Radness has reached new heights. Damn, I love living in 2005.

I also can’t wait until we have Internet connections in our cars – imagine a customised radio station playing you new music that you have a good chance of actually liking; and the end of listening to some tool in a studio telling you what you want.

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