You Can Touch This!

The iPod Touch In the absence of official iPhone availability Apple fans outside of the States will be pleased to know that the much anticipated iPod Touch has finally been launched. Resembling the iPhone in its looks and functionality, the iPod Touch is the first truly wide-screen iPod (besides the iPhone, of course) and adds several features that have until now been unavailable from Apple’s industry-leading digital media player.

These features include WiFi which means that you can connect your iPod to the Internet and make use of included applications such as the Safari web browser, that are also available on the iPhone. Basically the Touch is identical to the iPhone except for the actual phone part.

At launch the iPod Touch will be available in eight and sixteen gigabyte models using flash memory as opposed to a platter-based hard drive. This is a good thing. We like flash memory. It doesn’t break.

For those users desiring higher capacities Apple has re-branded and refreshed its flagship iPod product, formally known as the iPod Video. Now called the iPod Classic these devices sport a new operating system with added functionality and come in capacities of 80 and 160 gigabytes.

The iPod Nano has also been refreshed and now supports video playback. The new, short and stout Nano is available in a variety of colours and capacities of four and eight gigabytes.

The new range of iPods should be available in South Africa before the end of the month of September 2007, but will definitely be here in time for Christmas. Local pricing is currently unavailable.

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