The SilentRingTone™ and why you need it

The problem: Your fancy new smartphone (likely an iPhone) doesn’t allow you to group callers so that you can escape unwanted phone-calls at certain times, while still allowing close friends and family to get hold of you. Nokia has offered this kind of functionality for years with the ability to customise  profiles on your phone, but apparently it’s beyond Apple. You can turn your iPhone onto silent, but then you miss out on all calls.

The solution: The SilentRingTone™ that I have created for you. Here’s the deal: download the The SilentRingTone™ (right-click to download), add it to iTunes and sync it to your iPhone. Then make sure that you set specific ringtones for each of the people who you want to always be able to reach you. Now, when you don’t want to be bothered, change your default ringtone to The SilentRingTone™ and everyone except contacts with specific ringtones will get pure, auditory silence from your phone.

I’ve made this ringtone for the iPhone, but if you want to make your own silent ringtone it’s simple – create an audio file with a few seconds of… well… nothing in it. And if there are better ways to achieve this sort of functionality then let me know – this was all I could think of =)

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