Writing stuff every day

I'm not sure why it took me quite so long, but I began listening to The Tim Ferriss Show a little over a month ago and have been fairly obsessed ever since. I'm steadily working through the catalogue of episodes and, for the first time in my decade of podcast listening, furiously taking notes. Tim speaks to some of the world's most successful people and extracts actionable tips, their favourite reads, eating and exercising schedules, etcetera. I love Tim's humble approach, incisive questioning and stoic angle on just about everything. If he ever reads this, thank you for making my new favourite podcast Tim :)

One of my favourite episodes of Tim's show so far features the inimitable Seth Godin. If you don't know who Seth is, go read his blog. Or just Google him. If you do know the man, then you'd expect any interview with him to be worth every second of the time commitment. I love the way Seth's mind works.

In the show, Seth discusses the importance of blogging every day. Seth has been doing so for some time. In some of his daily posts, Seth just writes a few lines. For example:

What makes it art

A friend, commenting on a new building, "I’m not sure if I hate it or love it! I want to hate it but I think I love it..."

Without that tension, all you've done is what's been done before.

Other posts are far longer. But without fail, Seth blogs every day.

I spent the last three years launching three podcasts, four apps, five companies, and implementing at least a dozen personal changes. It's been an interesting time that took me all over the world and turned Cape Town into a new base and made London a second home.

It's been a crazy time, but not a very productive one for personal outlet, and reflecting on Seth's statements has reminded me how important it is to have a regimen of regular expression and rambling.

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