The 'Nix Head Button

You know how all the cool forum kids have those small, cryptic, rectangle buttons in their signatures that mean they know something you don’t until you click on it? Or it expresses their occasional love for something, usually geeky? Well I wanted to be cool too, so I’ve created my own button – it’s called the “‘Nix Head Button” and if you see it knocking about in someone’s signature it means they’re someone like me – they get all excited about Unix operating systems and they fight with people who aren’t. Like Windows users or that guy at the gig with a Rammstein t-shirt who thinks he’s too cool for school.

The 'Nix Head Button Below is an FAQ about the ‘Nix Head Button. Read it and maybe it’ll make you want to rock a ‘Nix Head Button in your signature too.

So tell me more of your infantile club?

It’s not really a club… or infantile. I don’t know the other people who use my button – except that they must be really awesome, because they understand why Unix makes us happy. That’s all there is too it really – when we use Unix operating systems we smile; like an old sailor who lost his favourite pipe and then finds it again. Smoking it reminds of him why it’s good to be alive. Unix makes us sort of grateful for being alive too.

Ok, but what is this Unix thing?

Good question! Unix is the raddest thing that has ever happened to computers. You should try it sometime. But I’m not going to carry on about it too much here when other people have spent lots of time explaining what Unix is and why it rocks on Wikipedia.

What is Wikipedia?

Look, just click on the link, OK? Everything will be alright.

What is the best Unix-based operating system around?

I could tell you, but I don’t like starting fights. I’m a pacifist and what you have asked is the basis of many online debates. I personally use Apple OS X on my 12″ Powerbook (I’m old-school like that) and I have a computer at home with Gentoo Linux on it. Both of those are pretty good Unix systems (OS X is pretty AND good). But that brings me to the best thing about being a ‘Nix Head – it allows us the choice to rock a whole bunch of operating systems and change them whenever we like, including flavours of Linux and BSD. OS X is proprietary software which belongs to Apple. It isn’t open source like most Linux distributions, but we forgive them because they based it on Unix… and because we like Woz.

So why should I use your button?

I don’t care whether or not you do, I’m just trying to be cool. I am also interested to see how many other people like me are in the world. People who like Unix-based operating systems but aren’t committed to just one. Computer users who bust around the Internet trying out new things with Linux distributions, tweaking their systems, finding ways to play Windows’ games in Linux, sitting and staring at their beautiful OS X desktops and enjoying the power of choice and the warm feeling created by the fact that you know more than your boss about computers. And you dress better than he or she does too. Your boss won’t admit it, but they actually wish they were you… unless you are the boss. In which case I’d like a job, please.

What’s with the dollar sign and the block in the button, dude?

Oh, you really aren’t a ‘Nix Head, are you? If you were you’d know exactly what that is all about – it’s the most common two symbols that ‘Nix Heads associate with Unix, because they see it all the time in their command-line interfaces (CLI)… well, most of them anyway. But this is where stuff gets really complicated, so maybe you should go back to Wikipedia again and read more about this stuff.

If you want to put the ‘Nix Head button in your signature or whatever, you can download it from this site and resize it and stuff. Maybe you’d even like to change the colours and add some rad graphics and other stuff to it too. I don’t care if you do, but I would like it if your button pointed back to this site so other people will also think I’m cool.

Alternatively, just cut and paste the following code into your signature or wherever you need it, which will produce this: Nix Head Button

Here’s the html code:

<code lang="xhtml"><a href=""><br></br><img alt="The 'Nix Head Button" src="" title="I'm a 'Nix Head"></img></a>

Use this code on most php forum systems (phpBB, Invision Power Board):

[url=] [img][/img] [/url]

tyme has made a variation of the ‘Nix Head button which is far better looking than mine. If you would like to use his instead (looks like this: The 'Nix Head Button, then use this code:

<code lang="xhtml"><a href=""><br></br><img alt="The 'Nix Head Button" src="" title="I'm a 'Nix Head"></img></a>

Use this code on most php forum systems (phpBB, Invision Power Board):

[url=] [img]ttps://[/img] [/url]

If you use the ‘Nix Head Button, send me an email and tell me about yourself.

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