Taking back the day

My good friend Sam Beckbessinger and I launched a new podcast a few weeks ago around a concept I’ve wanted to try for some time. The idea is to discuss smart ways of optimising the things we have to do in order to make more time for the things we want to, or know we should, be doing. It’s part productivity, part tech and all philosophy.

So far the idea has worked nicely. Sam is a GTD nerd and I’ve got years of experience as a lazy git who relies on shortcuts… or, what we would call, workplace optimisation.

I’ve loved doing the first seven episodes of the show, which we’ve published via Soundcloud ahead of launching it on iTunes and the new Seed platform that I’ve been cooking up with Brett Haggard, Craig Rodney, Jon Savage and other friends I have in the world of online broadcasting.

I’d love your feedback on the show. It’s a great outlet for me and I’m learning a lot from Sam. She’s the kind of person I’d spend hours speaking to every week anyway. This way I get to con her into doing so – and you’re welcome to listen in on the conversation. Everybody wins.

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