Disruption by design

Simon speaks at Good Morning in Stockholm, Sweden

"Luck is the residue of design." -John Milton

Simon's second favourite thing is talking to people about stuff, so if you want him to do that, he totally will. His most popular talks are on design thinking, technology trends and the future of money - particularly pertaining to Blockchain technologies where Simon is an active investor and product manager.

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A fourth revolution in industry is rapidly changing the way we live and work. A combination of artificial intelligence and design has compacted the time it takes to go from idea to world-changing product, and the movement is leaving many businesses in its dust. The only thing Simon enjoys more than watching this all happen, is talking about it. So now you know what his third favourite thing is too.

Having led the design of three disruptive fintech products, Simon has first-hand experience of using design thinking to tackle conventional business models. In his talks he passionately blows apart some of the corporate holy cows that have never really made sense, but are now a matter of life or death for the companies clinging to them. Each talk is tailored to the audience and presents fresh content that attempts to keep pace with a fast-changing world.

If you think that your business should, "educate the market" or "protect its revenue", and if you still believe in "first-mover advantage", then Simon may have some surprising news for you.

He also doesn't like slides. Instead, Simon wirelessly presents from his smartphone where he uses real examples of disruptive apps and services, some of which he worked on. He might also make some other gadgets appear on stage, depending on what's hot at the time.

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