Sign the Hague Declaration

The Hague - By Rob Brink - CC BY-NC Photograph by Rob Brink, protected by Creative Commons 3.0 BY-NC license.

The transformation of society in the digital age is precipitating an evolution of human engagement, molding how we interact with each other and our organisations. As society changes it is imperative that we maintain our policies to ensure that human rights are upheld and that information access is protected in the context of our basic freedoms. My personal belief is that the adoption of open standards is key to protecting our rights to information and if you agree with this assertion then I urge you to sign The Hague Declaration.

The founders of the Digital Standards Organisation recently convened in The Hague to develop the declaration that calls on governments to further the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with a commitment to the adoption of open standards.

The declaration calls for a consideration of “a society in which full and effective participation in government and society, and access to public services, education and opportunity, are increasingly dependent upon access to electronic communications”, along with other components of the digital and information age that precipitate the need for a global commitment to open standards.

Via the declaration, governments are called upon to;

    1. Procure only information technology that implements free and open standards;
    2. Deliver e-government services based exclusively on free and open standards;
    3. Use only free and open digital standards in their own activities.*

An international call has been made for supporters of open standards to make their voices heard by signing The Hague declaration. I’ve signed, and hope that you will too.

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