Zombie-resistent flora - like crack

There’s a new cult in town. You might’ve heard about it already. You may even be a member. If you haven’t, and you’d like to preserve the precious little time you have, stay away from PopCap’s new insanely addictive game – Plants vs. Zombies.

I started playing this tower-defence-type title on my Macbook and now it’s spread onto my iPhone. I can’t get enough. I may need help.

The premise of this game is, in a word, awesome. You have a house. Zombies are invading. You must collect sunshine and plant flowers that kill the undead ghouls deader than they already are. Were. Whatever.

Plants vs. Zombies has everything I want in a game – violence, humour, hordes of things to kill… and plants.

The first few levels of the game are set in your front yard where a small variety of zombies need to get smacked apart by a range of angry plants. As the game progresses, and moves from your front to backyard, into the swimming pool and onto the roof, more types of zombies are added, with a variety of resistances, and your collection of plants to tackle them with grows accordingly.

You’ll also get to tackle Zombies in the dark where you must rely on mushrooms and other, more nocturnal undead-killing flora. There’s also money to be collected from dead zombies, and which can be used to buy slaughtering accessories from your crazy virtual neighbour.

The game is available for PC, Mac, iPhone or you can play it online as a flash game. The desktop version costs R185 to register, but you can play for 60 minutes for free, while the iPhone version goes for $2.99 (at time of writing) and requires a US iTunes account.

This title is worth every cent. It’s addictive as hell and, if you have it on your phone, is the perfect diversion while waiting in queues. It steps up to precocious, big-budget titles like Heavy Rain and smacks them in the face with pure awesomeness. It also makes the point, again, that good gameplay trumps sophisticated graphics and physics engines every time. Go get it. Now.

I like it so much I made it my ‘pick of the week’ on the latest episode of the ZA Tech Show.

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