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Pownce is a new service that has been launched by Digg creator, Kevin Rose along with a crack-team of other developers. It’s a social networking tool that allows users to quickly share files, links and messages with friends.

The service is web-based, but also available as an application that runs on Adobe’s new AIR runtime environment. This is available for both Mac and Windows. The application is at the alpha stage of its development and is already pretty stable, but needs a few last kinks ironed-out. For example, in the Mac version, if you click on the x button the application continues to run, but can not be maximised again.

For the moment Pownce is available by invite only. I have some invites left, so anyone who would like to try the service is welcome to leave a comment on this story and I’ll mail them off on a first come, first served basis.

I am finding the service to be quite useful, especially in replacing email as a way of sending stuff to friends. For example, when I come across an interesting link I can just paste it into Pownce and share it immediately, instead of sending an email to all my friends, who’s addresses I need to hack into the ‘to’ field, or via a mailing list that needs to be maintained. Plus, people don’t always appreciate receiving that kind of mail, while Pownce users are intrinsically in it for that sort of social networking.

All in all, the service is useful but needs a little work. It already beats the hell out of emailing stuff to your friends, however.

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