Angry blogger "Noxious Nigel" attacks South African IT professionals

A new blog site has been launched on Blogger called ‘The biggest IT [email protected] in SA’. The blogger calls himself (or herself) Noxious Nigel and says that he or she will pay for scandalous stories about IT professionals working in South Africa.

The site’s first major story attacks Digital Planet and HP and leaves no prisoners. It insinuates nepotism in the appointment of Digital Planet to run the new HP Experience store in Sandton City, attacks Digital Planet as an all-white (and Jewish) company and unveils romantic relationships between management at HP South Africa and Digital Planet. Whether the accusations made are accurate or not… who knows?

In the about section of the site “Nigel” says that he has recently moved to Australia after 15 years in the South African IT industry. If this information is true then somebody in the local industry undoubtedly knows who “Nigel” is. While many people have left South Africa for Australia recently, how many of them worked in the industry for 15 years and also know all about the personal lives of managers at HP? Of course, knowing who this mysterious blogger is and proving it are two different things.

My problem with this website is that it is irresponsible. Lets say, hypothetically, that I had it in for someone in the South African IT industry; I could write to “Nigel” with a made-up story about them, get paid for it, and muddy their name, unless “Nigel” seeks to verify the stories he / she pays for… but how could they honestly do that?

That said, I won’t be able to resist visiting this site from time to time to see what “Nigel” has “uncovered”. And if I had something to hide as an IT professional in SA I would be worried… very worried.

Whoever this blogger is they are clearly angry and I suspect a chip on the shoulder too. Check it out…

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