"Noxious Nigel" turns out to be a social engineering hack - or is it?

Last week I posted about Noxious Nigel – a mystery blogger exposing scandals within the South African IT industry.

Well, go to the ‘Noxious Nigel’ website today and all the previous stories and offers to pay for dirt have been removed, and replaced with a post that claims the whole thing was a social engineering hack to get access to local multinationals’ computing environments. Apparently by getting them to run a file… don’t remember seeing anything like that in the original site.

The top banner, that suggested that ‘Noxious Nigel’ was really a certain Tony B has also been removed.

What I think really happened is that ‘Noxious Nigel’ got some serious traffic after the commotion of last week, followed by wet feet (and possibly a skrik at the fact that some people had figured out who he was) and a retraction of the Digital Planet / HP story. If not, then some system administrators have got their work cut out for them today! Either way, Noxious Nigel makes headlines in the blogosphere, again.

EDIT: Today the site is home to ‘Merriweather, Ives and Taylor’ – a corporate risk company. This gets more ridiculous by the second. I still have a grab of the original Digital Planet / HP story though, and I will put this up on my site later – it smacks of personal vendetta. And if a corporate risk company thinks that personally attacking and insulting people is a good way to build business then I honestly hope they sink in the market. Pathetic.

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