Mark Shuttleworth features on this week's episode of ZA Tech Show

Episode 14 of ZA Tech Show features special guest Mark Shuttleworth. It was awesome speaking to Mark who was on the line from London for an hour of the show. We discussed:

  • The international appeal to reverse ISO’s decision on OOXML.
  • Open standards.
  • The rise and future of Ubuntu and Linux.
  • Linux’ desktop readiness.
  • Firefox 3 nearing final release date.
  • The future of open source and its impact on platforms outside of just software.
  • Sub-notebooks, the OLPC and how these initiatives impact on education in the developing world.
  • Driving collaboration in open communities.
  • Windows 7.
  • The adoption of open source by traditionally proprietary companies.
  • The importance of open API’s in Web 2.0.
  • What to expect in the next version of Ubuntu Linux.
  • MTN’s talks with Reliance.
  • Eskom’s investments in infrastructure.
  • Dell being sued for fraud by the city of New York.

Mark is an inspiration and it was great to find out more about what he is up to at the moment and get his take on open standards, Linux and other topics.

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