Let's set this bitch on fire...

It's been 10 years since I posted this, and since then I've managed to track down an archive of Seedcast recordings, which I've made available on Soundcloud (embedded at the end of this post). This seems to have crept into this blog database from a merge that must've happened in the last decade.

After a few weeks of wrestling with concepts, people and CSS templates Seedcast is finally ready for launch! I’m so excited I think I may have ruptured a vein in my neck. Hot damn.

There are several intentions for this site and a few reasons it started up; some silly, some important, but most of them selfish. I’ll get the About section in shape soon and I’ll create some sort of manifesto there. It’ll be sick.

But one of the main reasons for Seedcast is that I miss the fuck out of radio. I miss doing shows, I miss interacting with a community and I just generally miss being involved with entertainment. This, as I hinted to above, is entirely selfish. But so are you. So I’m hoping that Seedcast produces a high quality podcast that becomes a platform for exposure for musicians, comedians and other peeps who don’t get the respect they deserve from commercial media. I hope I get tons of feedback and interaction going from all over the world… but if all I succeed in doing is keeping myself busy with something I care about, then so be it.

On a personal note, my son, the legend, is now just over two months old. Gabriel is on his way to be weighed today, so I’m waiting to find out how much body the future Emporer of the world is packing right now. These are things you care about when you become a parent. I’m also recording him learning to speak and plan to add that into a seperate podcast feed soon. The little dude has started smiling and tries to talk to his mobile and… well, anyone who comes into contact with him. His most prominent word is “Heyoh!” which he shouts in the same way every time. Coincidence? I think not. This little bundle of genetic perfection is talking. He says “hello”. Hands down.

On a professional level, I have started working at Hypertext Media Communications where I do a lot of PR and feature writing work for magazines and IT companies. My job rocks. I continue to write entertainment pieces on a freelance basis, post my stint at SL Magazine – to date I have produced the astonishing number of zero freelance articles. I’m working on it. I still do shows on Tuks FM whenever they need me to and the rest of my time is spent with my son. So there you have it – my life at the moment.

Time to get back to work… hey, Roxanne just IMed me – Gabriel weighs 5.7 kilograms today!

Ok, screw working right now. I’m planning to have the first podcast available before the end of next week. It’ll be the hottest thing you’ve ever heard and may cause your parents to fold in tears of joy and happiness at the fact that their child has started listening to something so completely and awesomly amazing and self-improving (like those books they bought you from the christian bookshop were supposed to be). It will make their lives. Think about that as you wait in anticipation for Seedcast: Episode One (AKA The Chronicles of Cool Shit and Purple Monkeys).

So check back here regularly, mmk? I’ll be waiting.

I’m toying with the idea of recording an episode live from Oppikoppi as well. I know, I know – but try and hold back on the fountain of joy you’re about to spout. If you have any ideas for that, please post comments.

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