Joining 22seven

Ten years ago I had the perfect bank. When I called its contact centre they would greet me by name and their internet banking solution was revolutionary at the time. That bank was 20twenty and its service gave you a real sense of the people that worked there. It was a breakthrough in the financial sector. Now the same minds that created 20twenty are back with another ambitious service and I have the opportunity of working with them – something I am super-excited about.

Starting in April I will be joining 22seven to head up its product strategy and design.

This doesn’t mean you’ll stop seeing my articles in *Finweek, *hearing my show on 5FM or the ZA Tech Show. I’ve always managed to deal in opinion from a media perspective while maintaining my own business interests and this doesn’t change. I do make sure that I fully disclose those interests, however, out of respect for my readers and listeners.

Everything I wrote or said about 22seven before this announcement was before my discussions with the company turned to business. When I originally blogged about 22seven it was way before I had any idea I would be joining the team.

I believe that Christo Davel, the founder of 22seven, and his formidable team are onto something big.

A fundamental shift is underway that centres on technology and its ability to transform industries when addressed from a anthropological perspective. We have seen this shift underpin revolutions in social networking, information management and mobile technology.

22seven is at the forefront of this movement in terms of personal finance and I am proud to be part of it.

I'm a writer and broadcaster who also designs apps and strategies for disruptive startups in the financial world. Find out more on my about page.