Ibogaine During my show on 27 September 2007 on Talk Radio 702 the topic of Ibogaine was briefly discussed following a call relating to hallucinogenic substances in discussing Graham Hancock’s book Supernatural.

I have since been contacted by listeners wishing to know more about the substance, especially with regards to its apparent success rate at curing heroine addiction.

Ibogaine is called ‘The Tree of Life’ in its native territory of the Congo. It supposedly has a 60 percent success rate in curing addiction, but since the drug is illegal in most countries I doubt this number has been derived from any serious study.

There are two websites dedicated to the plant at www.ibogaine.org and www.ibogaine.net both containing a wealth of information.

Please note that I am not advocating the use of Ibogaine. It is a powerful psycho-tropic substance and could pose a huge health risk. For help with drug addiction please visit Narconon’s website at www.stopaddiction.co.za

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