I love lamp: Sapporo, Japan

A lamp in Sapporo Traveling and taking pictures are two of my favourite activities. I also have a thing for lamps of all shapes, sizes and degrees of illumination.

I frekkin love them. Lamps are everywhere – in the street, on the beach and dangling between buildings. They add an aesthetic to urban landscapes and define the emotion of a space when the natural lights go out.

‘I love lamp’ is a category on my blog that allows me to express my love for travel, photography and… lamps. As I travel I snap pics of any lamps that catch my eye and stick them here. Weird? Maybe. But I feel like doing it – so I am.

The picture in this post is one of the first I took with the Nikon D80 I purchased in Japan and recently sold. It was taken on a rainy day in Sapporo, on the morning I left to travel back to South Africa. The dates of my ‘I love lamp’ posts are set to the day the picture was taken.

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