From service charges to shaving

On my show this morning on Talk Radio 702 and 567 Cape Talk we started out discussing the 4.9 percent South African GDP bounce-back in the second quarter this year, along with the expected petrol, paraffin and diesel price reductions. Are things looking up economically? Or is this the middle of the ‘W’ in the graph?

We also had callers raising the issue of service fees being introduced by Eskom. General opinion is that the fee is largely unwarranted, although one must remember that we pay far less for electricity than most of this rest of the world. Analysts at this year’s Gartner Symposium in Cape Town touched on the South African energy situation and the fact that we pay less for electricity, along with other observations, which I related on the show. I was at the Symposium this week and found the trends analysis to be pretty interesting, especially in terms of cloud computing and the integration of new web tools into corporate environments.

Then we discussed Bafana Bafana, with the team taking on Australia in England earlier this week. The stadium was packed, the game was good. Bafana managed to draw 2 all with Australia – so why did we see so little coverage of the game in the media in general? Was the lack of hype the fault of the SABC, apathy from the SA public or a result of Bafana’s crappy recent performances?

We also touched on the Krugersdorp sword murder and the frenetic speculation that has sprung up around it. Music and Satanism are the scapegoats, as usual. But what about the psyche of the killer? We know he was of a small stature, was bullied and teased by his peers.

The discussion led to an exploration of immunising children against the influence of their friends, the media and music. Children can’t be kept away from music, video games et al, so isn’t equipping them with the skills to make their own decisions surrounding right and wrong more effective than limiting their exposure?

As always, the Olympics in Beijing were a talking point. We discussed less popular events like men’s walking and BMX cycling. And during the show we had the women’s volleyball on. America versus China. In the rain. Sweet.

Finally, we had some fun talking about what you would do with super-powers. Scientists in the US are close to finalising nano technology that would allow for the creation of invisibility devices. If you had one, what would you do with it? Funny how most suggestions are criminal in nature…

Oh, and Ray called in ask if women liked men shaving and grooming their body hair. Metro sexual is out.

I’ll be back on the air next Thursday from 00:00 to 04:00.

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